Accounting for the Airline Industry

Here at Suntax we have been working closely with the airline industry for over 20 years and each year we prepare income tax returns for approximately 500 airline employees.

We understand your industry and the tax deductibility of expenditure incurred by airline pilots, cabin crew and aircraft maintenance engineers.

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Airline Pilots

As you would be aware, the costs associated with upgrading your type-rating for particular aircrafts can exceed $30,000. Claiming these costs requires a knowledge of both taxation and case law plus an understanding of up to date Taxation Office interpretations. Accordingly, if you have incurred expenditure of this nature to advance to new or larger aircraft types we are able to assist in the preparation of your claim. It has been our experience that the best outcome is achieved if income tax returns are correctly lodged in the first instance rather than attempting to amend or change the Taxation Office treatment at a later date.

As you maybe aware, captains and first officers are one of the few employees (together with motor cycle police) that can claim the cost of sunglasses. Other deductions to which pilots are entitled to claim are cabin shoes, uniform replacements, laundry, dry-cleaning, moisturisers, computer related expenses, mobile phone costs, internet expenses related to flight plan preparation and research regarding weather conditions, union fees, loss of licence insurance (in certain circumstances), income protection insurance premiums, charts, updates to manuals and technical publications, aviation medicals, luggage, uniform maintenance and replacements. DTA (Daily Travel Allowances) can be claimed to the extent of the allowance received.

Cabin Crew

Cabin crew are able to claim for skin care and moisturising products used to combat the effects of dehydration caused by cabin pressurization and lack of humidity. Similarly, cabin shoes used to offset the effects of swelling feet are deductible. Expenditure on luggage and luggage trolleys is also deductible together with the costs of union fees, uniform maintenance and replacements. DTA (Daily Travel Allowances) can be claimed to the extent of the allowance received.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Aircraft maintenance engineers that find it necessary to carry their bulky tool boxes to and from the airport may be entitled to claim valuable motor vehicle expenses. There are several methods available and we can help identify the method that will produce the best financial outcome for you. Expenditure on the replacement of tools, uniform maintenance and union fees are also tax deductible for aircraft maintenance engineers.

Other Airline Employees

In addition to the above employees,  we also prepare income tax returns for customer service officers, loadmasters, ramp personnel, refuellers and baggage attendants.

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