How Much Do You Charge?

Our fees are generally based on the time taken to complete the task and the level of expertise required. These rates vary based on the level of staff used to complete the work and the degree of experience required to provide a professional service without compromising on quality.

As such, our fees vary based on the quality of your records and data file plus in some cases, your volume of transactions. Having said that, we want to be your accountant not your bookkeeper and our mission is to help you minimize the cost of compliance. We are an advocates for cloud accounting solutions and work with a number of different programs including MYOB, Xero, Reckon and Cashflow Manager.

We do offer fixed price agreements for a standard package of services and we accept a number of payment methods for your convenience.

Our clients keep telling us we provide exceptional value for money and please feel free to contact our office to discuss our pricing how we can tailor a package to meet your business needs.


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