New Business

Build the business of your dreams

New business advisors

The journey of starting or buying a new business can be both challenging and rewarding.  Our role is to support and guide you through the process.

Yes, we are an accounting firm but we believe that most business owners want, and need a lot more than just basic accounting and tax compliance services from their accountant.  Our mission is to help you grow your business, your revenue and profits, and in turn your personal wealth.

Starting or buying a business necessitates research, risk, passion, courage and planning. To succeed, you need to make the right opening moves, and over the years we have mentored hundreds of clients through the  start up phase of their business.

At Suntax we have the knowledge, tools, resources and experience to turn your ideas into profits.  We act as a true business advisor who is just as committed to your results as you are.

Our cloud based technologies and forward thinking will bring efficiencies and productivity to your new business that you didn’t know was possible.

Let us help you build the business of your dreams.

Sunbury Essendon