Our Purpose

Our Purpose:

Suntax’s purpose is to create and share amazing life experiences for both our clients and our team members. We want our team and our clients to have amazing life experiences because of the connection they have to Suntax.

Our Vision:

“To be an Exceptional business;

To have Great relationships;

To live Extraordinary lives”


Our Positioning Statement:

“We Care”

We live by the moto that “We Care” – we care about every client and every business we work with and do everything we can to show how important they are to us. Even though we are heavily technology focused, we pride ourselves on good old-fashioned service and great communication.


Our Values


At Suntax, we think ‘above the line’. We want to stay positive in our dealings with clients and our team. Yes, things may go wrong in life or in business, but these times are when the greatest learnings are had.

One Team

We are team orientated; we work as a team both as employees but also as a team with our clients. We share knowledge, we share successes. As a team, we will help our clients create great businesses.

Treat it as your own

Our level of care, accuracy and commitment to what we do for our clients, is the same care, accuracy and commitment we would expect ourselves. We need to own our mistakes, accept rewards and criticisms, be proactive and take no shortcuts that will lead to a less than satisfactory result.

100% Authentic

We always deal with each other and with our clients honestly, with integrity, ethically and in a genuine manner.

Be Professional

We need to be professional in everything we do. Whether it is dealing with clients, working with co-workers, how we maintain our high standard of work papers, how we present our financial reports, how we conduct ourselves, our dress standards and general demeanor.

Have Fun

We spend a significant amount of time at work and we want everyone to enjoy what they do. Our focus is to make Suntax a fun place to be for our team and our clients, where we share laughs, banter and good times. This helps us be more creative in our work, remain positive with our clients and our team and enjoy what we do.

Sunbury Essendon