Sports People

Commercial deals and sponsorship opportunities

Accounting for sports people

As a professional sports person you need more than just skill and talent to succeed. You also need discipline, hard work and a fantastic accountant!

Over the years we have helped numerous AFL players, state and international cricketers, Olympians and other professional athletes with their contracts and management as well as managing their tax and financial affairs.  We understand that a public profile can open a number of doors and potential commercial deals and sponsorship opportunities.

From a taxation perspective, there are special concessions available to sports people including AFL and NRL footballers, cricketers, basketball players, netball players and jockeys. Along with the potential to use ‘income averaging’ provisions to effectively smooth your earnings and help get the most out of your sporting career.

Our expertise and knowledge along with our experience working with professional sports people across all fields will have you kicking goals in no time.

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