New Business Cost Assistance Program Round Two

The Victorian Government will provide new cash grants for businesses affected by the short lockdown in July 2021 because of the Covid-19 Delta strain outbreak in Victoria.

If you were eligible and applied for the May-June 2021 Business Cost Assistance Grant, your business will automatically receive the new July 2021 Lockdown Grant.  The list of eligible businesses can be found here: Eligible businesses list.

The July 2021 Grant payments will be:

What If I Haven’t Received The May-June 2021 Grant Payments Yet?

The payment of these Grants has been much slower than the Government originally promised.  If you have not received your grant monies yet, you are not alone.  More than half of our clients that applied are still waiting.  However, the good news is, we are starting to see more payments coming through every day.

Other Support Payments For Employees

For employees affected by the public health restrictions in Victoria, they may now be eligible for support payments without the ‘assets test’ that had been previously applied. These payments start from the first day of lockdown and are payments of:

All applications can be made through: Services Australia

We understand that almost every Victorian business will again be impacted by our 5th round of lockdowns and that it can be frustrating to hear that unfortunately these grants are only available for specific businesses.

For those of you who will not be receiving any assistance in this round of Grants, we feel your frustration.  If there is anything you think we can help you or your business with, please reach out.  We are currently in full ‘tax time mode’ and we are all preparing returns via virtual meetings from home. We hope to be back in the office this Wednesday for anyone wanting face to face meetings.

The Suntax Team

Sunbury Essendon