Information to bring to Appointment

Details required to complete your individual tax return.

  • Dividends, interest or other income received in your own personal name.
  • Details of any tax deductions or payments relating to the earning of your income
  • Summary of your donations throughout the year
  • Details of any income protection insurance payments (if applicable)

We will download your PAYG Payment summaries & Private Health Insurance Statements from the ATO before your appointment.

Details required if you have Crypto Currency

  • EOFY Statement including Capital Gains/Losses for the financial year.
  • Transactions (buys & sells) for the financial year.
  • Opening Balance of Crypto Held for the financial year (same as the closing balance of coins in the prior year).
  • Closing balance of Crypto Held for the financial year.

Details required if you OWN a Rental Property

  • Agents rental property summary of Income
  • Interest paid on Investment Property to 30th of June.
  • The amount of Council Rates, Water Rates & Insurance paid on the rental property.
  • Repairs/Maintenance paid for your rental property.
  • Copy of Insurance on your rental property
If this is the first year of you owning your investment property, we will also need:
  • Depreciation Schedule – Quantity surveyor
  • Conveyances Adjustment Statement on purchase of property
  • Loan Contract

Details required to complete your business tax return.

Please note that failure to provide the necessary information will generally result in larger accounting fees due to processing delays.
  • Backup to 30th June.(Not required for Xero Clients)
  • Consider emailing your back up to for free offsite storage.
  • Print out the full general ledger report for the full financial year 1st July to 30th of June.(Not required for Xero Clients)(accruals method for MYOB and QuickBooks Clients)
    This printout is required as it acts as an audit trail for the ATO;
  • Bank Reconciliation report as at 30th June (Not required for Xero Clients);
  • Business Bank Statement as at 30th June;
  • GST Bank Statement to 30th June (if applicable);
  • Business Loan Account Statements to 30th June (if applicable);
  • Amount of Stock on hand as at 30th June (valued at the lower cost, market at replacement value);
  • Listing of creditors (accounts payable) as at 30th June (Not required for Xero Clients);
  • Listing of Debtors (accounts receivable) as at 30th June (Not required for Xero Clients);
  • PAYG Payment Summaries (previously group certificates) issued (Not required for Xero Clients)
  • Annual PAYG Payment Summary Schedule;
  • Tax Invoices for any new asset purchases during the financial year.
  • Documentation for any new Leases or Chattel Mortgage loans;

We require all of the above information before we will start to process your end of year accounts. If you do not have all the information listed before your appointment, please cancel your appointment and book a later appointment. Please bring this completed list with you to your appointment as we will use it to confirm that we have all of your necessary information.


On 30th of June please identify and record the cost of all ‘Work-In-Progress’ for each job since your last progress payment.


The above reports need to be printed using the accruals method and needs to be ‘NET of GST’


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