Setting Up MyGovID and RAM

Setting up MyGovID and RAM

The ATO’s AUSkey has been replaced with MyGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

MyGov ID is an authentication service to prove your identity online. This is done via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

RAM is the online service that allows you to act on behalf of a business with the ATO.

You will use your MyGovID to link your ABN in RAM and then you can authorise others to access Government online services on behalf of your business.

Important first step

Before you link your ABN to your MyGovID in RAM, you need to ensure all of your business details in the ABR register are correct. If everything is not up to date in the ABR register you may have difficulty with the next steps. Instructions to update the ABR register can be found by clicking here

Once you are confident that the ABR register is correct you can set up your MyGovID.

Setting up your Digital identity with MyGovID

Firstly, you will need to download the MyGovID app to your smartphone or tablet.

Enter your full name, Date of Birth and email address. Ensuring you use the same email address associated with your existing Personal MyGov account.

Enter the details for your identity documents. You will need to confirm your identity using two of the following documents. Your name needs to be entered exactly as it would be in the documents including middle names.

Your MyGovID should now be set up and you can link your business in RAM.

Linking your ABN to your MyGovID in RAM

The Principal authority of a business is the only person who can link your ABN to your MyGovID in RAM. A principal authority is the person responsible for the business:

                        – a trustee

                        – a director

                        – a public officer

                        – a partner

                        – an office bearer of a club or association

                        – director or public officer for the corporate trustee or subsidiary company

                        – authorised contact of a government entity

                        – director or public officer of the corporate trustee or subsidiary company or the responsible person of an Australian

                          charity or not-for-profit organisation

                        – executor after probate is granted of a deceased estate

                        – office holder of an unincorporated association.

A primary person with no individual associates listed in the ABR, will need to contact the ATO and manually link your business by calling 1300 287 539 and selecting option 3.

A sole trader or eligible individual associate can link your business in RAM online by following the below instructions.

  1. Log into RAM with your MyGovID
  2. Select Link my business
  3. When redirected to the ATO find your business(s)
  4. Add your postal or residential addresses and click continue
  5. Select the business or businesses that you wish to link and click continue
  6. Enter an email address and click send email to get an authorisation code
  7. Enter the code and click verify and continue
  8. Review the summary of selected businesses and tick the box to declare you understand and accept
  9. Click submit – You will see a message confirming your business has been successfully linked
  10. Click continue

Setting up authorised users

An authorised user will also need to have a MyGovID account.

Once they have their MyGovID, you can add them as either an Authorisation User or an Authorised Administrator.

Authorised User – This role will be able to act on behalf of the business when using online Government services

Authorised Administrator – This role will be able to act on behalf of the business when using online Government services and also be able to manage/create/edit and remove other authorised users.

To set up an authorised user or administrator:

  1. Log into RAM with your MyGovID
  2. Select Manage authorisations
  3. Select the business you want them to be authorised to access
  4. Click add new user
  5. Select Standard or Basic user (this will depend on their identity strength which can be found listed at the top of their MyGovID screen on their app)
  6. Enter their users name and email address (the email address must be the one associated with their MyGovID
  7. Select Yes or No if you want the user to become an Authorised Administrator
  8. Select Yes or No if you want the user to be a machine credential administrator
  9. Enter a start date and end date. For a Standard user you can select no end date. For a Basic user you must have an end date which cannot be longer than 12 months (it can then be renewed)
  10. Select the Agencies you wish the user to have access to. This list may vary depending on the strength of the user
  11. Review the details and accept the declaration by ticking the checkbox
  12. Customise Access if required. You will be redirected to the ATO’s Access Manager to set these permissions

Once completed your authorise user will receive an email with a code and a link to accept their authorisation. When they accept it, they will be asked to log into RAM and enter the code in the box provided. The authorisation must be accepted within 7 days, or it will expire.


Once accepted the authorised user is now able to act on behalf of the business when using online Government services.

More information setting up your MyGovID and RAM can be found on the ATO website at the following links:

Or you can contact the ATO RAM Support line on 1300 287 593 selecting option 3

Click here to download PDF


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