Xero is retiring the old versions of reports

Xero has two versions of their reports an old and a new version. On 31st July 2023 Xero are switching to the new reports only. Please note NO data will be lost!

Reporting is one of Xero’s most loved products and a core part of the Xero platform. All software has a lifecycle, the older it becomes the more challenging it gets to maintain it. For Xero reporting it was time for an upgrade.

If you are currently using the old version of reports Xero are encouraging you to switch to the new ones so you get familiar with them before the old versions are retired on the 31st July 2023.

If you are using an old report and the newer version is available you will see a message prompting you to switch to the new report.

What is going to happen from the 31st of July 2023? 

There are some reports and features Xero won’t retire on 31 July 2023 as they are upgrading them in a different way or at a later date. These include:

Be prepared before the end of July

If you wish to use the new reports as they are you simply just need to open the report and get started. If the report is more complex you can check our Xero’s steps for getting started with new reports.

For July’s reporting you will be required to do your end of month reporting in the new reports as the old version will not be available.

Click here to watch Xero’s YouTube Video on how easy it is to move your work across.

How do I use the new reports?

On the right hand side of your screen panel you will see Xero’s Tips and Tricks. Here you will find links to support articles, how-to videos and a feedback button on the new reports.

Xero Central contains an abundance of helpful information, search for a particular report here or you can check our Xero’s YouTube for the playlist of reporting videos.

Lastly you can register for a live webinar on reports.

As always, we are here to help if you need any assistance.

Your Suntax Team


Source – Xero Central. 
Sunbury Essendon